Glass conservatory roofs

Traditional meets modern with fully glazed roof replacements

Searching for that elegantly vintage type of look? Then a real glass conservatory could be the ideal solution for you. The traditional roofing material used for centuries, glass conservatory roofs from Albion have evolved to feature brilliant thermal efficiency and solar gain, ensuring that your extension can be utilised all year round thanks to a sustained balanced temperature. Glazed roofs might have their origins in the past, but stunning external sightlines can create an inherently modern look.

Victorian conservatory with glass roof

Glass conservatory roofs from Albion are notable is how swiftly they can be fitted. When supplied in either uPVC or aluminium, the roof comes loaded with features that make for a fast fit so homeowners can spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying their new roof. Despite such a quick turnaround, structural rigidity and weather resistance is never compromised.

Glass roof features:

  • Expertly reduces condensation with controlled temperature levels
  • Supplied using either uPVC or aluminium frames
  • Performance glazing that is self-cleaning and solar gaining
  • Configurable to Gable, Georgian, Lean-to, and Victorian conservatory styles
  • Thermally retentive to lower heating bills
  • Available in any conceivable shape with a size range of 24mm through to 35mm

Illuminating the space while retaining a comfort inside feel

It won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that glass conservatory roofs particularly excel at letting in light when compared to other options. Opening the space up with plenty of natural sunlight, bills can be further reduced due to less of a need to light the space artificially during the day. The added illumination also goes some way to create a more natural feel, bringing you closer to the inherent beauty of your garden/patio space.

Suited to most established conservatory styles

regardless if you’re a homeowner actively looking to add a conservatory or wish to improve your existing one, all our glass conservatory roofs can be supplied to suit a range of established styles. From classic designs like Victorian and Edwardian to more modern one such as Lean-to and shaped, our team always install them in the correct fashion so no South London homeowner need miss out.