Synseal Celsius Roof

A warm solid roof engineered using timber construction

Helping homeowners enjoy their extended living space 365 days a year as opposed to just the Spring or Summer, the Celsius solid roof from Synseal helps to create the warmest space possible when combined with Albion Windows’ installation services. The Celsius roof differs from other solid styles in that it is structurally engineered to make the best use of timber, rendering the system much more insulating as a result.

The tiled system has been specifically engineered from the ground up to deliver some of the best energy efficiency and U-values possible while also being remarkably quick to install. This means that you’ll not only experience the best comfort and save on bills, but that you’ll be able to enjoy them much sooner than usual and with far less home disruption.

Synseal Celsius Roof features:

  • Impressive thermal retention for U-values as low as 0.18W/mk
  • All timber construction with no chance of condensation build up
  • Exceedingly quick installation time
  • Roof vent integration ensures that natural daylight can still shine through
  • Available in a selection of styles including Lean-to, Georgian, Gable, and Victorian
  • Finished with 100% recycled Synseal Envirotiles for an attractive riven slate finish

A solid roof option capable of fitting onto multiple conservatory styles

We can supply and install the Celsius roof in a plethora of conservatory styles, meaning that if it’s a retro fitted roof replacement you require, our bespoke manufacturing services can oblige. From simple Victorian designs to intricate lean-to conservatories, extended spaces of any size will be able to enjoy the system’s impressive thermal performance and beautiful riven slate finish.

Enjoy a unique blend of privacy and natural light

Despite the Celsius’ combined timber and tile construction, our team can integrate a subtle roof vent within the system to ensure that natural light is still able to pass through. This is especially ideal for those wanting to maintain some sense of privacy while also wishing to illuminate the space to improve atmosphere. Orangery, conservatory, or full-scale extension, we have the tools to spoil any space with the best of both worlds!