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Is Triple Glazing a must-have for London homes?

Based in Croydon, it’s easy for the Albion team to sympathise with many of the faithful London-based homeowners who find it consistently tiresome, attempting to live comfortably and stamp out noise. Today, triple glazing is often attributed as being the ideal solution when wanting to reduce rising energy bills and improve warmth, but deflecting noise pollution is yet another key advantage that should not be overlooked.

Forever eradicating sound pollution in built-up areas

Living in this beautiful island’s capital city means being able to indulge and enjoy so many thrills and sights. What isn’t so enjoyable however, are the vast levels of congestion in built-up areas, which can often lead to unwanted noise annoyances in the form of planes, trains, and automobiles. Hustle and bustle comes with the territory of residing in such a thriving city, but this doesn’t mean that unwanted sound should. Enter the advent… More

Double vs triple glazing – when do you need the extra pane?

A contentious point of discussion for many years within the home improvement world, the need for three panes instead of two (triple glazing) within a property’s windows can hold many advantages. But it’s always worth considering whether said benefits are applicable to your home and personal preferences. To help homeowners decide once and for all if the extra pane makes sense, we’ve highlighted just a few instances where triple glazing will make a big impact over double.

Peace: Stamping out noise pollution within busy built up areas

At Albion, we’re used to hearing the plights of many London-based homeowners seeking to prevent the annoyance of city noise invading their personal living space. Unrefutably, this is an area where triple glazing improves leaps and bounds over traditional double glazed windows, largely due to the increased number of layers that sound is required to travel through to continue being a… More

7 tell-tale signs you need to replace your conservatory roof

Although it’s easy to sometimes forget, conservatories are a beautiful thing. They allow UK homeowners to stretch their metaphorical legs as well as literal ones, providing an appreciated sense of extra space that reinvents the way we can use our home. What isn’t so beautiful however, is when we hear from locals who find themselves frequently dissuaded from using the space effectively. Often for a number of reasons.

Thankfully the simple act of replacing your conservatory roof for anyone of Albion’s high-performance replacements can help resolve these issues, letting your extended living space easily live up to its full potential. When should you consider such an upgrade? Here are 7 tell-tale signs:

1. When your old roof starts to leak, even after repairing it

A pretty obvious issue that should be solved as quickly as possible once noticed, A leaky roof is understandably the stuff of… More