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A Buyer’s Guide to French Doors

A popular favourite for the typical British homeowner, French doors are an inherently classic yet dependable patio door style that shouldn’t be overlooked due to their simplicity. There’s a reason French doors continue to spoil many homes up and down the country, but what exactly is it that makes them so prevalent?

We at Albion Windows have opted to explore this, putting together a definitive guide to French doors for anyone thinking about upgrading their home’s rear entrance.

What can French doors offer the home?

Still acting as the only patio door style that boasts a unique split panel design that allows homeowners to enjoy double-door opening action, French doors offer a lot of advantages. Such opening versatility, for instance, allows for an extra degree of privacy with the two panels capable of being used as dividers. Natural light will still be able to flow through thanks to… More

5 tips for ergonomic living – making your home work for you

As homeowners, we can often unknowingly be guilty of making things unnecessarily harder for ourselves. From using the wrong brand of washing up liquid, preparing dinner extremely last minute, to using windows and doors that perhaps aren’t letting us make the most of our home space. In today’s modern and busy climate, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy that’s known as “ergonomic living”.

What does ergonomic mean?

In layman’s terms, “ergonomic” simply means designing something in such a way that it specifically meets your needs. This can be done to improve productivity within a working environment, boost morale within an educational institution, but today we’re using it as a way to increase comfort and ease of use in a home space. Though you might not think it at first, a property’s windows and doors can contribute towards this greatly, in a few subtle yet important ways:


The benefits of buying an Endurance door

Those playing close attention to our product range may have noticed that we’ve been on a recent mission to offer customers an even greater amount of choice, particularly with composite doors. The first thing you walk out of in the morning and return to in the evening, it’s a part of the home few people can afford to ignore. Enter Endurance doors, a new entrance style that specialises in balancing safety, security, and style.

Want to know a little more about the benefits of buying an Endurance door? We dive a little deeper into how they help enhance the home, and what makes them unique compared to other composites on the market.

Combining modern performance with classic style

Sporting a 48mm solid timber core from a single slab of laminated Finnish timber, Endurance doors are 10% thicker than most other composite doors. This results in a door… More