When you’re planning to extend your property with a conservatory or orangery, have you explored all your options? The type of roof you choose for your extension can massively impact the overall standard of your property upgrade. With an Ultraframe RealRoof you are guaranteed to improve the style, standard and value of your property.


Ultraframe RealRoof Benefits:

  • Maintains warmth in Winter and freshness in Summer
  • Can incorporate almost any roof finish
  • Achieves excellent U-values
  • Super quick installation
  • Structurally strong and durable
  • Improves interior aesthetic

Ultraframe RealRoof Innovation

Ultraframe RealRoof is designed to be installed much quicker than standard tiled or glass roofs. It is manufactured off site so that it can immediately be put together and installed when it arrives at your property. This method minimises disruption to your home life and eradicates onsite cutting and wastage.

The Ultraframe RealRoof can be supported by its own aluminium posts, stone or brick piers, or Loggia columns. This means it is strong enough to support all weights of slates and tiles. The strength of the system enables the installer to perfectly match the roof to the existing property’s style.

Improved Interior Living Space

Inside your property, the Ultraframe Real Roof creates a spacious vaulted ceiling. The additional height enhances the atmosphere of the room. It is super insulated so that the room can be used all year round.

Ultraframe RealRoof’s excellent thermal efficiency levels mean internal separating doors can be removed. Your new extension can be built to seamlessly blend with your home, creating a much larger living area.

Versatility with Ultraframe RealRoof

Ultraframe RealRoofs incorporate a patented box beam and Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero Structural roof panel. The unrivalled strength of these products allows you to install large windows or bi-fold doors without any additional support from lintels or portals. Your home will be flooded by natural light during the Summer while remaining warm and cosy in the Winter months.

Ultraframe RealRoofs are the ideal solution for replacing old conservatory roofs and are also perfect for new build extensions.