SupaLite roofs

Certified, safe, and wholly energy efficient, the SupaLite roof system installed by Albion is the ultimate way to make any extension instantly feel more part of the home. The roof system is largely considered the best option when wanting a tiled conservatory roof, as it’s extremely lightweight and effective at reducing energy costs. Lower heating bills means minimising the need to warm the space artificially and gives homeowners the ability to return their initial investment over time.

Supalite tiled conservatory roof

Gone will be the months of extreme cold and hot variations in your conservatory, as the SupaLite roof system successfully insulates the room with U-values as low as 0.18. Once installed it’ll never be too cold in winter or too hot in summer again, letting you feel confident when next entering the extended space. Pesky draughts and annoying cold spots will be a thing of the past.

SupaLite roof features:

  • Lightweight aluminium constructed frame to withstand the damp-proof tiles
  • Can incorporate large roof vents to allow maximum light entry
  • Choice of internal ceiling finishes
  • Burglar-proof in that roof tiles are not easily removed
  • Incredible temperature balancing throughout seasons
  • Designed and tested to the standards demanded by the JHAI

Bringing homeowners closer to the outside with the comfort of the inside

Revitalising your existing or new conservatory space with a tiled SupaLite replacement acts as the perfect way to experience your garden or patio area without worry that you’ll be open to these elements. Regardless of the style of your extension – Victorian, P-shaped, Gable, or other, SupaLite is highly configurable to assure that no one need miss out on their benefits.

Attractive tiled finishes for most preferences

Thanks to internal plastering and extensive finishing options, every SupaLite roof we install can be fully customised to meet your specific tastes. Popular finishes include Walnut, Ember, and Charcoal, colours that are in-keeping with most established home character styles while still boasting a high degree of versatility to suit unique property personalities.