10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

It’s no secret that getting around London can sometimes prove a chore. If you’re not pressed up against the window of an all too stuffy red bus, it’s likely that your nose is at risk of being nipped by the train doors on the London Underground. That’s why when residents were first introduced to the ride-hailing services Uber provides, suddenly the idea of getting to where you wanted to be wasn’t only more convenient, but much easier too.

Uber has since been banned from operating in the London area, but that certainly won’t prevent tourists and residents from undertaking the same scenic trips that they used to regularly provide. We at Albion Windows have taken a swing at whittling down some of the reasoning behind 10 of the most popular Uber routes in London. Take a grain of salt when reading ahead, educated guesses are the name of the game.

1) Hillingdon to Westminster – London’s most popular Uber route!

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

Home to London’s famous (and sometimes infuriating) Heathrow Airport, we’re pretty confident that the people travelling from Hillingdon to Westminster are most likely jetlag-ridden business types. Topping the chart as London’s most popular Uber route by quite a distance, all those corporate deals and client meetups need to take place somewhere, with Big Ben being a nice backdrop for doing so. Just make sure your tie is straightened.

2)Tooting to Battersea

In need of good grub? Tooting is seemingly the place to go for most London foodies, with The Lonely Planet pub being a particular highlight. Short of filling your belly though, Uber’s metrics indicate that trips between Tooting and Battersea are wildly popular, we think due to the big presence established there by the Royal College of Art. Could it be that people are eager find the same musical inspiration Simon Le Bon, Bob Marley, and Rick Parfitt did? Watch this space.

3) Barnet to Hammersmith

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

Who’s going from Barnett to Hammersmith? We don’t exactly know – but we know a whole lot of people are. Could it be that so many from Barnett are drawn to the iconic settings of Great Expectation’s most famous scenes? Are the people of Barnett rapacious culture vultures compared to the more well-rounded residents of, say, Fulham? The answer is probably no…this one’s a head scratcher.

4) Waltham Forest to Tower Hamlets

Statistics show that the people of Waltham Forest are no strangers to leaving the woodland, travelling to Tower Hamlets which makes up a fair portion of London’s traditional East End. Is it possible that the people of there want a taste of the intrigue that regularly takes place in period dramas like Ripper Street, Whitechapel, and Call the Midwife? There’s no telling for certain, but it could also be due to an influx of students journeying to London’s Queen Mary University.

5) Lewisham to Westminster

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

Now this is a tough one. Located just Northerly of Bromley, Lewisham has been a busy transport hub in the city for years, especially since it’s the home of South East London’s largest shopping centre. Featuring such familiar brands as Sainsburys, Argos, and Boots, our best guess is that the residents here regularly venture into Westminster whenever they are in need to do more high-class inner-city shopping from shops like Harrods, Selfridges, and Hamleys. Fancy!

6) Brent to Camden

Strongly associated with many of London’s alternative and underground cultures, the thriving masses commonly found at Camden Market seemingly act as the perfect temptation for people living in Brent. Sadly, Brent as a borough was recently voted the unhappiest in the UK. Are the disenfranchised residents of Brent trying to lift their spirits with some flashy clothes? Who knows. Suffice it to say they still go every weekend.

7) Barking to East Ham

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

We’re pretty sure that the droves of people travelling to and from Barking and East Ham isn’t anything to do with a love of fishing, though the areas were renowned for such back in the day. There’s a strong chance it could be due to the perseverance of devout Idris Elba autograph hunters, but what’s more likely are the various West Ham United season ticket holders travelling to London Stadium to get their money’s worth.

8) Hackney to Tower Hamlets

Notable for its range of historic parks and inland waterways, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to vacate the glamorousness of Hackney. However, Uber’s stats show that the people there similarly like dipping into the richness of London’s famed East End. This could again be due to the area’s popular prominence in pop culture media, or Hackney residents looking to tap into the fictional writing talent that has permeated there. Oscar Wilde eat your heart out!

9) Kingston to Richmond

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

Kingston Upon Thames is quite a regal area of London, likely due to it being one of the oldest, alongside places like Chelsea and Kensington. Who’s travelling from here to Richmond? Our best guess is the many middle-class socialites who take joy from the occasional stroll in Richmond’s rather picturesque former deer park. It’s a national nature reserve full of ponds and wildlife – the perfect getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of London life.

10) Redbridge to Newham

A self-proclaimed ‘leafy suburb’, the people of Redbridge regularly find themselves venturing into the borough of Newham. And who can blame them? It is home to Stratford’s Circus arts centre after all. Short of this, it’s highly likely that Redbridge residents couldn’t keep themselves away from Westfield Shopping Centre, the newly built shopping utopia that also was used as the backdrop for Olly Murs’ ‘Oh My Goodness’ music video. Don’t hold that against Newham though.

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