Revitalised Bickley house front with uPVC window and Composite door combo

Just in time for the upcoming frosty season, the Albion Windows team recently paid a visit to Bickley. Located within the South East district of London, this wasn’t the first time we’d provided our services in the area, being called upon to help one homeowner futureproof their property using a full uPVC window set and Solidor composite entrance. The result was a classically-styled home that could enjoy 21st century performance and security going forward.

Low-maintenance uPVC windows finished in gorgeous Black woodgrain

Ensuring this homeowner’s Bickley house front would never be subject to frequent draughts, rattles, and poor insulation ever again, we replaced the existing timber frames with efficient uPVC alternates. They improve upon historical timber every time thanks to resistance to warping, cracking, and no need to ever varnish.

Though modern in every sense of the word, the team took extra special care when supplying the house with… More

Diamond lead windows for happy Croydon homeowner

The Albion team recently paid a visit to one lucky Croydon homeowner, in need of new uPVC replacement windows suitable to retain the home’s sense of charm and heat retention qualities. The job included the installation of two sets of bay windows either side of the house, now making it easier for the homeowners to make the best use of light and space when relaxing in the front of the house.

Diamond lead windows for added character and style

Having settled on the idea of bay windows, chosen thanks to their ability to bring an element of elegance towards the front of the property, the homeowners desired something more to further help their home stand out from the crowd and have a sense of character all its own. It was agreed that Diamond lead windows would be the perfect choice, creating a pattern wholly unique and individual.


New uPVC windows and composite door for Bromley household

High quality fenestration products that easily met homeowner requirements

At Albion, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to more easily keep up with customer demands who more and more desire specialist products in order to achieve their dream home. Our professional team of expert installers recently paid a visit to a local Bromley household who had some of these specific requirements, yet we were confident that we had the perfect products for the job.

Affordably efficient uPVC casement windows for increased privacy

Of top priority for this local Bromley homeowner was the ability to retain a little privacy within the home, something not always achievable when living so close alongside a busy road. Albion knew right away that obscure glass windows were the perfect product for the job, utilising a specialist type of glazing that would blur the image for those looking either in or outside… More