Croydon home gets entrance overhaul with uPVC porch and windows

If you’re looking for an ideal way to subtly increase the space available in your home without applying for planning permission, the simple addition of a porch and bay windows achieves just that! Albion Windows recently had the pleasure of installing said products within a local Croydon home, instantly making the space feel brighter and more natural.

A hassle-free way to increase space and light

It can often be maddening for families to try and secure planning permission for an extension during the midst of a home improvement project, that’s why one household in Croydon saw the benefit in investing in a pair of high quality uPVC bay windows.

Protruding from the exterior of the home in an outwards expanding shape, bay windows help to increase the space of a room by anything up to 3ft. This creates an area that can be utilised however homeowners wish,… More