Roof repair in London? A new roof may save you money!

Though most likely not the top item on your to-do list, thinking about replacing your conservatory’s roof could bring you plenty of joy in the long-run. Fitted to be airtight, stylish, and highly heat retentive, if you’ve ever found yourself too cold or uncomfortable when stepping out into your extended living space, this could be the solution. Cutting heat loss means cutting bills and we at Albion thought we’d explain just how!

Improved insulation to save on heating bills

Especially ideal for residents still suffering from the woes brought with an original polycarbonate roof, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s hard to warm up your conservatory. This roofing style has been vastly improved on since the days of the initial conservatory installation boom, with the likes of glazed, tiled, and solid roof types achieving lower U-value levels, being the chosen unit of measurement for testing how effective… More

What will add the most value to your London home? Have you considered a modern conservatory?

With average London house prices reported to have dropped by 2.6%, we’re sure you’ll be surprised to know that the Croydon area has remained relatively stable in comparison. Taking this into consideration, at Albion Windows we’ve experienced a real increase in homeowners coming to us looking for a cost effective and quick way to add extra value onto their London home.

What home improvement will add the most value to my home?

The top five home improvements that add the most value to residential property are:

Extension Loft Conversion Extra bathroom New kitchen Conservatory

If these top five were in order of economic efficiency, conservatories would definitely feature at Number One! Adding far more than their initial cost, on average conservatories can add between 5-7% onto the property value. Depending on your budget and type of conservatory you want, adding a bright sunny room to the mix is a… More

Conservatories or orangeries? What will add more value to a London home?

Despite common misconceptions, getting the most out of your London home doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think! If anything, all that’s required is that little push of motivation that will help inspire you throughout the process, revitalising your property slowly but surely to see you safely on the way to your dream home.

In London specifically, conservatories and orangeries act as the most popular route, but which of the two adds the most value? We did some digging!

Conservatories: A potential value increase of 5%

Conservatories are quickly becoming the norm for South London properties rather than the norm, and when looking at the various space advantages they introduce it’s not surprising to see why. On top of this, however, an independent study conducted by The Telegraph concluded as recently as 2016 that conservatories can be a successful money-making venture.

They suggest that if implemented… More