Conservatories or orangeries? What will add more value to a London home?

Despite common misconceptions, getting the most out of your London home doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think! If anything, all that’s required is that little push of motivation that will help inspire you throughout the process, revitalising your property slowly but surely to see you safely on the way to your dream home.

In London specifically, conservatories and orangeries act as the most popular route, but which of the two adds the most value? We did some digging!

Conservatories: A potential value increase of 5%

Conservatories are quickly becoming the norm for South London properties rather than the norm, and when looking at the various space advantages they introduce it’s not surprising to see why. On top of this, however, an independent study conducted by The Telegraph concluded as recently as 2016 that conservatories can be a successful money-making venture.

They suggest… More

5 reasons why you should consider a Supalight conservatory roof replacement

Considered by many to be the industry’s leading extra lightweight tiled roof system, opting for a Supalite roof replacement is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your extended living space. Improving upon the polycarbonate conservatories of old in almost every way, we at Albion thought we’d put together the best reasons as to why.

1. Inherently lightweight yet reliable

A far cry from the traditional heavy-slated tiled conservatory roofs of old, every Supalite roof replacement is specifically integrated to be lightweight when sitting atop your extended living space. This is in part thanks to an aluminium framing structure underneath, with the material’s high strength-to-weight ratio being impressive enough to withstand the light tapco slate tiles.

2. Life expectancy of up to 60 years

Buying into any form of new roof replacement is a long-term investment, but you’re always sure to reap back the… More

New vs second hand conservatories – the UK buyer’s guide

Conservatories are quickly becoming a necessity for every home in the UK, as opposed to the optional addition they’ve been now amongst a selected view. Allowing homeowners to enjoy some much-appreciated extra space, bringing people closer to their outside’s natural beauty, along with a wealth of other benefits, the conservatory craze is real and we at Albion Windows can’t help but notice.

When wanting to add a conservatory to your own property there are currently two ways to go about it. Choose to install an entirely new and bespoke one, or take your chance on a second hand conservatory. What are the pros and cons behind both these options? Let’s explore:

The risks involved with second hand conservatories

While opting to purchase a conservatory second hand might initially seem tempting due to the ability to save a few bucks, there are still a few issues to be… More