Looking to sell your home? Aluminium bifold doors could help you sell up faster!

First there were bifold doors, and then there were aluminium bifold doors. One of the industry’s most innovative and game-changing improvement products, bifolds possess the ability to seamlessly blur the line between inside and outside areas, quickly becoming a sought-after feature for most homeowners in the UK. Especially for those who have the intention of selling up soon, aluminium bifolds are a fruitful initial investment worth taking. Here’s why!

An appreciated home addition that helps increase property value

Simply put, adding a high-performance set of aluminium bifold doors to your home, means increasing said home’s overall resale value. This is partially due to how conveniently they can be operated, as well as the wide-open impression they give when fully open. The most important factor however – and this is where the aluminium factor comes in – is how much they can enhance property aesthetics with their sleek and… More

Striking colours for your composite doors

Composite doors are a top tier choice of entrance solution for lots of reasons. Highly insulating, multi-layered, and secure, thanks to a suite of attractive colour tones composite doors can deliver even more value to homeowners. Though not often thought of as such, we specialise in installing composite doors South London homeowners can use to make their home more personable and unique.

The best way to create a lasting impression

The last thing you see when leaving for work in the morning and the first thing you enter when arriving home, having your composite door coloured to an attractive style will always guarantee a memorable impression. What’s more, any guests or family members that visit won’t be able to miss the eye-grabbing tones when crossing the threshold.

Dual-colouring techniques allows the Albion Windows team to colour your new composite door differently inside and out, meaning that any contrasting… More

The top 7 reasons to choose French doors

A tried and tested choice of entrance option that always remains consistent, stylish, and practical, French doors from Albion Windows are the complete package. Their history can be traced as far back as 17th century Europe, during a time wherein both the arts and architecture began to flourish. The original design was more reminiscent of a window than a door, but today, there are many reasons French doors make the most sense. Here are 7 of them:

1. An inherently classic entrance style

There’s no denying that one of the most lucrative benefits to any French door set, is the inherently elegant aesthetic they’re able to deliver. Largely due to their association with many period homes in Britain. If you’d like to add an element of sophistication but also practicality to your home, we’re happy to offer French doors Croydon homeowners can rely on.

2. The… More