Fast Double Glazing Upgrade for Bromley Home

Our expert team were on hand to solve an emergency for one local Bromley household – they needed a double glazing upgrade urgently, and we were able to get them sorted with double glazing for all their windows and doors, with time to spare.

Double Glazing for Double Performance

Your windows and doors serve an important purpose – to simultaneously give you access to the outside and to protect you and your Bromley home from the outside.

Our double glazed windows and doors offer superior security with strong panels, and can be combined with additional locking systems to boost security even further.

Double glazing also serves to majorly improve the energy efficiency of your home, allowing you to reduce your reliance on central heating and air conditioning. Our double glazing controls heat entry and retains internal temperatures better, meaning you’ll find your home at a… More

uPVC Windows v Aluminium Windows- Which is Better?

It can be difficult when choosing new windows for your South London home which option to choose from. The modern homeowner can choose all manner of options of uPVC windows and aluminium windows. That’s why the Albion Windows team has created this advice article to help you get the finest windows for your property and see all the benefits of uPVC windows v Aluminium Windows.

Thermally Efficient Build

In most cases, uPVC windows tend to outperform aluminium windows in terms of thermal performance. The multi-chambered uPVC frame works in unison with the panes of double or triple glazing, trapping pockets of warm air within your South London home. This means you can rely less on your central heating for warmth, leading to lower energy bills and a reduction in the carbon footprint of your property.

Aluminium windows have vastly improved in terms of their thermal performance over the past… More

What is a Casement Window?

You’ve most likely seen them installed in homes across Croydon & Bromley, but you may not have put a name to them. Casement windows are one of the most popular uPVC window styles installed in properties across London and the south. These windows have been a feature in properties for many centuries, with the versatile design complementing every type of building. For those who would like to find out more, the Albion Windows team has created this advice article on What is a Casement Window.

What is It?

Casement windows are designed to offer ventilation and airflow to any location they’re installed in. This is thanks to their typical side-hinged positioning. The adaptable design means homeowners in Bromley or Croydon can have the casement design to open out from the top or the bottom of the window frame.

In most cases, casement windows are hinged to the side of… More