3 important ways your new uPVC windows and doors can save you money in 2018

uPVC windows and doors might be affordable by their very nature, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to save you money after they are installed. Allowing homeowners to reap certain savings they otherwise wouldn’t be able to this 2018, here are 3 important ways your they can continue to be a smart financial investment.

1. Improved levels of energy efficiency

A vast improvement compared to the timber and even some uPVC frames of old, today’s uPVC windows and doors can provide high levels of thermal retention, largely due to some impressive technical features. Our entire range feature multiple chambers inside the profile for example, going a long way to better prevent heat from easily escaping. Instead that warmth will remain in your living space.

Other thermal-enhancing elements include effective double glazing and spacer bars, all of which come together to help homeowners heat their property more affordably. Once… More

How to add value to you home with a porch

An often-overlooked aspect of the property aesthetic, those lucky enough to have a porch will know how much easier they make life without any hassle whatsoever. They’re typically associated with seaside cottages and coast-side homes, but really, the many benefits they bring can be enjoyed by almost any home, regardless of age or style. What’s the best way to add such value when opting to install a porch? We’re here to help!

Subtle extra space ideal for storage and security

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your home gains the most value possible when installing a porch, is to capitalise on the extra space it offers. Though only so much length can be achieved without needing to secure planning permission, providing you have the room, there’s no reason not to install a porch that’s as expansive as possible.

Because of their neat and clean design, even if… More

6 tips for putting together an urban garden

With more and more houses being erected every day and living space getting that much tighter, urban gardens are quickly becoming the norm for more UK homeowners. It’s for this reason that the pressure is on to make the most of the limited outside living space, renovating enclosed cubbyholes into thriving urban gardens.

How can you do such a thing? Here are 6 top tips for putting together the perfect urban garden:

1. Define space with greenery

An unavoidable common element amongst most urban gardens is the feeling of the overgrown. Because space is restricted, any plants, herbs, and shrubs are compacted and therefore can create a chaotic feel. However, so much greenery can be a helpful way of defining space in your urban garden. Use plantation to section off walkways, border furniture, and even provide shade by having some greenery hang from above.

2. Embrace the growth of… More