10 questions answered about uPVC Windows and Doors

For going on almost 40 years now, uPVC windows and doors have remained a British staple for most homeowners, largely due to their inherent flexibility and relative affordability. An unfortunate side-effect of this popularity however is that these products sometimes play victim to an unwarranted level of scrutiny and judgement.

To help separate the fact from fiction once and for all, we’ve put together this comprehensive of frequently asked questions about uPVC windows and doors, covering everything you need to know before having them installed in your home.

1. How much looking after do they need?

Virtually none whatsoever! More so than any other factor or advantage, uPVC windows and doors are infamous for their incredibly low-maintenance sensibilities that makes them easy to look after. You’ll never need to spend vast amounts of upkeep to them in order to keep them looking good and performing well, ideal… More

Roof Lanterns vs Skylights – what’s the difference?

Some of the very best resources in which to let homeowners truly let themselves spoil their living spaces withy lashings of natural light, roof lanterns and sky lights are subtle additions that have the potential to make a big difference. When getting ready to renovate your home, we wouldn’t blame you for posing one question though: What’s the difference between the two?

To resolve this conundrum once and for all, we’ve decided to set the record straight by highlighting the unique benefits and features of both!

Roof Lanterns 101

An inherently classic design that suits both traditional properties and modern builds, roof lanterns from Albion are an affordable method of letting in light. The easiest way to identify a roof lantern is the simple fact that most come made up of multiple window panes that converge at the centre, letting light enter from 360 degrees. They’re much… More

How to finance your renovation project

At Albion, we’re all about removing the boundaries that stand between homeowners and their dream home. Property renovation of any kind is always a large undertaking, so it helps to remove the stresses whenever possible, and our various flexible finance plans are intended to do just that. 10 years ago applying for credit was understandably considered a no-no, but no longer thanks to authorities such as the FCA, which properly vet and approve finance options such as ours!

So to help things a little easier and clearer, we’ve taken the time to explore our finance plans in a little more depth, exploring why opting for credit through Albion might be the ideal solution for you.

Interest free double glazing for every Kent property

A popular 0% interest finance package which ensures that you don’t spend a penny more than required product and installation costs, the interest… More