Seeking double glazing for your Croydon home? 6 reasons to choose Albion Windows

Believe it or not, there comes a time in every property’s life where its existing windows need swapping out for a new set. Been feeling the chill of the cold? Draught whistling starting to annoy? These tell-tale signs are a good indication of when said time has arrived. Thankfully, Albion Windows are on-hand to help every Croydon homeowner improve their property’s double glazing. Once installed, thermal efficiency, style, and security will never have been better.

But what makes Albion Windows the perfect team for your home improvement? We have six simple reasons why:

1. Almost 40 years working in the area

There aren’t too many double glazing companies operating in Croydon that can comfortably claim they have four decades worth of experience. However, we’re proud to be one of those selected few, using this wealth of experience in every installation and replacement we undertake to secure the very best… More

7 beautiful Pinterest style London windows!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing London window style, it’s always good to research the market to see what’s hot and what’s not in the world of design. This year it’s all about understated tones combined with bursts of intense, extravagant textures and outdoor decorations. But how do you go about applying this to your window space?…

Pinterest is the perfect place for finding and sharing creative inspiration, especially innovative and on-trend renovation and interior design techniques. With over 14 billion home ideas on offer (yes, 14 billion!), their latest home report is sure to provide you with further insight to create the perfect personalised London abode. With this in mind, as the Swedish less-is-more Lagom lifestyle filters into London homes alongside upcycled, natural, leather and geometrically influenced homeware, we’ve picked seven beautiful Pinterest style London window ideas to fuel your creativity and give your home a… More

How to cool your home – heat-beating tips for Londoners

As we begin to edge ever closer into the summer, most people might want to consider how to best cool their London home on the rare chance that the sun does make itself known. Becoming too hot can lead to frustration, headaches, and even serious health problems. For these reasons and many others, it’s just as important to cool your home in summer as it is staying warm in winter.

Thankfully we’ve put together some of the best humidity-beating methods Londoners can take to stay cool and healthy. Even better, all these can be achieved without the use of artificial air-conditioning.

Open up windows and doors

First and foremost, the outside breeze should be your best friend when the sun starts scorching. Don’t be afraid to ever so slightly open your windows to let it roll in. This is particularly easy if you have tilt & turn windows… More