What are Victorian style windows?

Traditional hardwood windows painted white

No matter what some people might think, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of tradition in today’s modern world. A near-essential for homeowners currently living in a period-style home or conservation area, opting for a vintage-style window from Albion Windows acts as the best way to successfully maintain a welcome sense of character with modern performance also, and in our experience Victorian designs are undoubtedly becoming the popular choice!

So what are Victorian style windows and which features typically define them as such? What materials are they available in in today’s modern world and what benefits can they provide to your home? If these are frequent questions you’ve found yourself asking during your research, fear not! We’ve put together this handy little guide that includes all you need to know about contemporary Victorian style windows.

Victorian window history

The entirety of the 19th century saw quite a boom in property construction throughout Britain, this lead to significant advancements in glass production which suddenly demanded less from the ever popular sash window style’s glazing bars. Victorian windows now boasted a distinct lack of glazing bars yet as panes once again began to get heavier, sash horns were added to remove some of this additional strain, instantly becoming a defining feature.

British sash windows continued to be manufactured and installed in original timber during this period, even following into the next and so it was necessary to develop even more features. As well as the run through sash horn, sliding windows present in the Victorian era started to feature deep bottom rails, mechanical joints and sash bevels which all added further weight support for the glazing.

It’s all about the astragal bars!

Windows present during the Victorian era can be characterised by their ‘two over two panel’ grid design that features on both the top and bottom panes, significantly less than the ‘six over six panel’ favoured by the Georgian style of windows that came before them. These astragal bars that feature in modern Victorian windows from Albion no longer serve a practical purpose, instead solely introducing a visual authenticity that is undeniably Victorian in appearance.

Roofline products

A true Victorian feel in either uPVC, aluminium or authentic timber

Of course traditional Victorian style windows were originally only available in either hardwood or softwood timber materials, but since then modern advancements have allowed this beloved style to be authentically replicated in either aluminium or uPVC, thanks to the application of indistinguishable woodgrain foils.

Timber might not suit homeowners who don’t wish to repaint, re-varnish or just generally maintain their home’s windows, so timber-effect sliding sash windows complete with decorative features act as the perfect solution. Enjoy market-leading thermal insulation as well as vintage style with uPVC and aluminium variants from Albion Windows.

A style perfect for letting in air and light

Each glass pane only makes use of a single astragal bar fitted expertly onto your new window’s glazing to replicate the 2 grid style, ensuring that homes will never struggle to enjoy natural sunlight when opting for either a Victorian style window from our range. They always boast the sense of luxury those familiar with the design would expect.

The beauty of modern Victorian style windows is that their sash will always slide upwards in an effortless motion, no matter which material you decide is best for your home. So if you’d like a strong window in a material like aluminium, authentic woodgrain foils help to deliver the best of both worlds.

Beautiful Victorian windows from the experts at Albion

As you can see, it’s easy to enjoy the classical appearance of Victorian style windows when opting for a service from our team, we make it possible for local homeowners to enjoy their vintage style whilst still delivering the contemporary performance expected from modern designs. So add a touch of history to your home by calling us on 0500 344 028 or contact us online!

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