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7 tell-tale signs you need to replace your conservatory roof

Conservatories roofs

Although it’s easy to sometimes forget, conservatories are a beautiful thing. They allow UK homeowners to stretch their metaphorical legs as well as literal ones, providing an appreciated sense of extra space that reinvents the way we can use our home. What isn’t so beautiful however, is when we hear from locals who find themselves frequently dissuaded from using the space effectively. Often for a number of reasons.

Thankfully the simple act of replacing your conservatory roof for anyone of Albion’s high-performance replacements can help resolve these issues, letting your extended living space easily live up to its full potential. When should you consider such an upgrade? Here are 7 tell-tale signs:

Georgian conservatory with Livin roof

1. When your old roof starts to leak, even after repairing it

A pretty obvious issue that should be solved as quickly as possible once noticed, A leaky roof is understandably the stuff of nightmares for any avid conservatory user. Opting to replace your conservatory roof with a high performance option from Albion assures that you’ll get to enjoy a product that is tailor-made, watertight, without the risk of leaks even under instances of harsh rainfall.

2. When you have a polycarbonate roof

The 1980s were a simpler time. Rick Astley dominated the charts, big wig hair was in fashion, and of course, conservatories were the hot new home addition that everybody wanted. Since that time however, construction materials and engineering practices have improved tenfold, making the polycarbonate roofs conservatories were originally fitted with obsolete and subpar. By comparison, modern roof replacements deliver offer better style, improved insulation, and amazing life expectancy.

3. When the sound of rain drives you into despair

Sticking with polycarbonate roofs, an unruly side-effect to having a conservatory fitted with one is the large amount of noise pollution they succumb to in the event of harsh rainfall. A previous place of tranquillity suddenly sounds like a location coming under fire, but with a tiled/glass conservatory roof replacement it doesn’t have to any longer. Come rain or shine, you’ll be able to use the space 365 days a year.

P shape conservatory with Livin Roof

4. When the sun shines and you can’t bear to sit in your conservatory

One of the most lucrative benefits of having a conservatory for your home is its natural ability to expose it to lashings of natural light. Many classic conservatories unfortunately offer this without being able to adequately balance temperature levels however, often resulting in an unbearably hot living environment. Lifting the lid on your conservatory to make way for a new roof prevents this from happening, with many styles incorporating low-e glass filled with argon.

5. When you want to introduce contemporary style

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs were good during the height of their popularity, due to how durable and affordable they were. Architectural styles have since moved on however, making it almost essential that your conservatory’s style also develops. Whether tiled or glazed, modern roof replacements always help provide contemporary look, reinventing the overall mood and appearance of the space.

6. When a cold chill or draught frequently sets in

There can be nothing more annoying that a cold spot or draught that frequently sets in just as you make yourself comfortable. If this is a regular occurrence in your existing home extension, it’s likely that poor energy efficiency levels are present. By its very nature heat travels upward, and a new conservatory roof replacement once fitted can assures that any warmth generated can be kept in the space, while also stamping out draughts.

7. When you want to improve light transmission for a brighter atmosphere

Not happy with the amount of light your conservatory is currently able to offer you? This can be a common problem, especially if the surrounding glazing is purposefully tinted or obscured in the practice of maintaining privacy, but thankfully a fully glazed conservatory roof replacement lets the light shine in from above. You’ll still be able to feel comfortable and secure, while also improving light transmission.

Give your conservatory the love it deserves with an Albion roof replacement

If you’re a homeowner who for any of the reasons given above aren’t able to use your conservatory as often as you’d like, we encourage you to get in touch today. From LivinRoof, SupaLite, to Celsius, we offer a range of high quality conservatory roof replacements that lets you truly make the most of your home’s extended living space.

For more information, feel free to call a member of our team on 0208 629 1611 or send us an online message today.

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