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Angled windows are the perfect way to modernise your home (Demo)


Successfully modernising your home isn’t solely determined by the materials you use, bespoke windows engineered using uPVC, timber, or aluminium all have the potential to be just as fresh especially when installed in an angular fashion. Angular windows have made a habit of introducing a modern look to many homes for a while now, and it’s easy to see why!

Windows don’t have to be square!

Contrary to popular belief, bespoke windows have been an effective alternate option for homeowners with an appetite for something other than square windows for a while. Although a slightly higher price-tag due to additional engineering needs, angular windows in particular offer the ability to sit snug underneath the arch of a ceiling, with lines that sit parallel to the shape of your home to create the ultimate contemporary look.

If you find yourself struggling to achieve the ideal look for your home, coming as a result of having to work within the confines of a traditional square window, at Albion Windows we can break down the boundaries and give you complete control with angular and bespoke windows in general.

Make the most of light from any angle

A cool side-effect of having angular windows installed is the ability to let natural light enter the home from angles and viewpoints you would have never thought possible previously. In any material you opt for, all make use of exceedingly slim sight lines so that as much light as possible will be able to penetrate the space in which you have them installed. Spaces that were previously uninviting or dilapidated need no longer be any more.

In terms of perspective, angled windows also offer homeowners the potential to make the most of a better view than they initially would had they just been installed conventionally. Have a stunning woodland to the far left or right of where your home faces front? Let an angled window turn your gaze towards it and make the most of the glorious view.

A fast-moving trend every home can take advantage of

Angled windows are set to surge in popularity thanks to the many unique benefits they offer, being a subtle change that introduces a modern look in both properties styles contemporary and traditional. Square might not be the best shape for your home, so why put those restrictions upon yourself when trying to be creative or make the most of light and style with your home?

High quality bespoke solutions from Albion Windows

At Albion Windows, we have both the tools and knowledge to create almost any bespoke window design you feel might best be suitable for the home. For more information on how we can help, feel free to call our team on 0500 344 028 or contact us online.

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