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Conservatories or orangeries? What will add more value to a London home?

Conservatories or orangeries? What will add more value to a London home?

Despite common misconceptions, getting the most out of your London home doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think! If anything, all that’s required is that little push of motivation that will help inspire you throughout the process, revitalising your property slowly but surely to see you safely on the way to your dream home.

In London specifically, conservatories and orangeries act as the most popular route, but which of the two adds the most value? We did some digging!

Conservatories: A potential value increase of 5%

Conservatories are quickly becoming the norm for South London properties rather than the norm, and when looking at the various space advantages they introduce it’s not surprising to see why. On top of this, however, an independent study conducted by The Telegraph concluded as recently as 2016 that conservatories can be a successful money-making venture.

They suggest that if implemented and handled correctly, a conservatory costing between £4,000 and £10,000 could increase value by five per cent. That’s an average of around £15,000! This is providing the conservatory I constructed using quality materials (as those from Albion are) and are in-keeping with the property’s established aesthetic. Simply put, conservatories still make for a wise investment in 2018.

Orangeries: Value that’s both personal and financial

somewhere between a conservatory and full-scale home extension, most agree that orangeries should best be treated as the latter. This is partially due to the slight jump in price compared to their conservatory cousins, but also because of their natural ability to feel like a more natural part of the home. The best practice to keep in mind is to have your orangery acts as a segue between indoors and outdoors.

The same report from The Telegraph suggests that the value held by orangeries are similar to conservatories in that this percentage scales. For example, if the average cost of a single-story extension that’s 20m² is between £30,000 and £50,000, homeowners can expect an added value increase of 5% on top of their initial investment.

Conservatories or orangeries? What will add more value to a London home?

Maximising living space – A fool proof method to financial success

If we can glean anything from this research, it’s that orangeries and conservatories both hold the potential to increase property value. Simply put, you’ll get out as much as you put in, providing that homeowners don’t go too crazy or lavish.

An improvement that makes sense for every South London home

If you think that a conservatory or orangery addition makes sense as the next step on your home improvement journey, why not get in touch with Albion Windows to discover the potential value capable of being added to the property. Contact us today either via 0208 462 2201 or send us an online message.

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