Conservatory Roofs

At Albion we like to think of conservatory roofs as the cherry on top, the final piece of the puzzle that ties your whole new conservatory together. In order to assure that our customers can achieve both the function and design they want, we manufacture and provide various different types of roof, ensuring your conservatory’s roof always boast the features you desire!

Glass conservatory roofs

Searching for that vintage elegance type of look? Then a real glass conservatory could be the ideal solution for you. The traditional roofing material used for centuries, glass conservatory roofs from Albion have evolved to feature brilliant thermal efficiency and solar gain, ensuring that your extension can be utilised all year round.

  • Ideal for listed properties and those in conservation areas
  • Superb thermal efficiency to ensure its always warm
  • A high-quality roof, considered the pinnacle of conservatory design and technology

Livin roof conservatoryLivinRoof – Solid and glazed combined

LivinRoof is the first conservatory roof system designed to blend glazed and solid sections of roof together seamlessly. Perfect for homes where privacy is an issue, this warm roof and glass combination is the best of both tiled and glass conservatory roofs.

Providing homeowners with strength, thermal efficiency and fully adaptable aesthetics, the Livin Roof system from Albion transforms a traditional glazed conservatory into a room that can be utilised all year round. All of the sealed glass panels used in the system use low-e glass and argon to ensure your Livin Roof always lets in the right temperature.

  • Absolute flexibility over how much of your roof is glazed, from one to many roof windows
  • Internally vaulted ceiling in neutral colour with full installation
  • Strong, robust construction from a trusted manufacturer

Supalite tiled conservatory roofSupaLite roofs – Tiled and elegant

Certified, safe and wholly energy efficient, the SupaLite roof system installed by Albion is the ultimate way to make any extension instantly feel more part of the home. The roof system is largely considered the best option when wanting a tiled conservatory roof, as it’s extremely lightweight and effective at reducing energy costs.

Gone will be the months of extreme cold and hot variations in your conservatory, as the SupaLite roof system successfully insulates the room. Thanks to internal plastering and extensive finishing options, they can be fully customised to meet your specific tastes.

  • Lightweight aluminium constructed frame to withstand the damp proof tiles
  • Can incorporate large roof vents to allow maximum light entry
  • Choice of internal ceiling finishes