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Decorating in 2017: Top 10 paint colours (Demo)


Colour shades to set the right tone in your home this new year!

Like many aspects you come across when considering renovating your home’s interior design, there is a lot of choices available when it comes to paint colours. The new year presents a great opportunity to completely overhaul how the inside of your home looks and feels, and settling on the perfect colour pallet or scheme can play a large role in this – So what’s a confused homeowner to do!?

Whether or not you choose to believe that some particular colours can represent certain moods, tell you a lot about a person, or simply enjoy the way a tone looks, Albion Windows are committed to helping you make the correct choice. As such, we’ve put together a list of some of the paint colours we think will dominate 2017, helping you on your journey to reinvent the inside of your living space.

1. Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue

Ideal for homes wanting to replicate the feel of the ocean breeze, Duck Egg Blue although not strictly the exact colour on the sky and sea is versatile enough to suit almost any style of home or room layout. If ever you find that you’re consistently struggling to relax or are seeking a way to relieve the stress of modern life, the cool tone of Duck Egg Blue will do just the trick.


2. Cool Grey

Cool Grey

Whether dusty, anthracite, or another shade of entirely, Grey is ideally neutral for those not wanting to commit to a much bolder or vibrant colour. Cool Grey is subtle by its very nature, giving the appearance of a soften wall texture thanks to its solemn shade. Where desired, homeowners can opt for a tone at the richer end of Grey’s colour spectrum, removing the stress of finding a paint colour that compliments traditional room styles.


3. Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

Often associated with emotions such as joy and happiness, but also said to be a symbol of energy and intellect, Yellow is the perfect choice for those wishing to brighten up a certain room’s atmosphere. The colour successfully energises a space, particularly if surrounding furniture colours tend to be a little more muted, resulting in a warming effect that will always remain appreciated and welcoming each time you return home.


4. Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue

A much deeper kind of Blue to the one we referenced earlier on this list, Peacock Blue is bright and bold to represent wisdom, confidence, and intellect within a person. The calming ability of blue remains while being a lot more warming thanks to the rich nature of the tone. When used in tandem with dark wood floors or brass accents, Peacock – or any rich shade of blue for that matter – will add a sense of comfort and sophistication.


5. Rose Red

Rose Red

The colour of blood and fire, Red is a colour that can at first seem a bit intense but it’s also a shade that can be associated with love and therefore warmth. When used as a paint colour in particular, it’s a great choice for walls in rooms that you wish to pop and catch the eye a little easier. People who choose Red as an interior design shade are said to be very passionate, and this can pay off well when placed against white uPVC frames.


6. Deep Green

Deep Green

The unabashed colour of nature and growth, Deep Green works wonders when used as the backdrop to any existing dark features, furniture, and ornaments laid out around the home. A perfect choice for the traditionalist living in a classic-style or historical property, it has even been speculated that Green attracts buyers if you plan to sell your home any time soon.


7. Cream


A blank canvas of a paint colour which any budding home designer will find easy to work with, Cream is a subtle yet comforting tone ideal for anyone looking to keep a room simple, airy, and light. Despite the common misconception that Cream is nothing but neutral, it’s a shade that has a little more warmth to it than pure White and always brings serenity to the home.


8. Lilac


A royal colour tone if ever there was one, a simple Lilac is often said to symbolise nobility and luxury for anyone wishing to introduce a sense of grandeur into the home. It’s a little more muted than a conventional shade of Purple, meaning it has the potential to work anywhere from kitchens to bathrooms.


9. Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Inspired by and named after the family home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell Green has since gone on to be one of the most popular tones in all of home improvement, even being used for windows, doors, and conservatories. As a paint colour, it can easily create the feeling a harmonious home being considerably lighter and more calming than a darker Green.


10. Fizzy Orange

Fizzy Orange

Successfully fusing the happiness of Red and energy of Yellow together, of all of the paint colours featured on this list Fizzy Orange is the most experimental for sure, but is perfect for those wanting to inject a sense of fun within a decrepit room of the house. For most people, it’s a very hot colour so is a great choice to subtly heat the home.


Stay ahead of 2017’s interior design trends with Albion Windows

We hope this road trip through some of 2017’s most promising and attractive paint colours has helped to get your interior design juices flowing. Still overwhelmed!? You can always contact the team here at Albion Windows to discuss your desired ambition in more depth, simply call us on 0500 344 028 or contact us online.

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