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Double or triple glazing? What the experts say in 2016 (Demo)

The debate as to whether or not the difference between double and triple glazing was substantial enough to warrant the extra layer of glazing is something that has been ongoing within the Home Improvement industry, pretty much since the concept was first introduced.

While it’s true that triple glazing might not be appropriate for every home, the extra layer of glass offers many appreciated benefits such as acoustic insulation, peak energy efficiency and increased security


A divided opinion over the effects of triple glazing

Contrary to popular belief, there is now right answer to the matter which concerns double or triple glazing. Both act as a worthwhile investment that successfully lowers any home’s U-values far beyond the necessary requirements.

Currently, Building Regulations insists that any window installed in the modern home should have a U-value no poorer than 1.6. Triple glazed windows are what enables installers to achieve U-values of 1.0 and better, whereas double glazed units generally are able to deliver 1.1 at their peak. Both meet the expected standards meaning that they excel at trapping heat to keep homes warm, the divided opinion comes from the fact that If this slight difference is worth the price!

When does triple glazing make sense for your home?

In homes situated in territories with extremely cold climates such Sweden and Norway, triple glazing has become widely used thanks to their supreme ability of keeping in heat. Whilst it’s unlikely that any home here in the UK would ever be subject to such harsh atmospheres, this is something which might appeal to those with a determination to stamp out pesky draughts and cold spots entirely.

Triple glazing is absolutely the quietest, warmest, toughest and safest glazing option that currently exists, but it’s always recommended to conduct research before deciding how much your home will benefit from the difference between double and triple glazing.


Double or triple, energy efficiency is always on the cards

The truth of the matter is that when opting for either form of glazing, the potential to increase the thermal efficiency and save on energy bills will inherently increase any time. Until the UK building industry requires the industry to greatly improve energy efficiency of new build homes there will never be an obligation to upgrade to triple – for many it’s an additional safeguard!

Albion Windows: Insulating London homes since 1996

Throughout our many decades of experience providing the homeowners of South London with double and triple glazed high performance windows, we have no problem advocating to customers the many benefits of both. If you’d like more information on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, call us on 0500 344 028 or send us a message online today!

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