Guttering, Fascias & Soffits

Guttering and new fasciasTo us, roofline products are just as important as any home’s double glazing. When replacing any type of guttering, fascia or soffit we aim to not only keep your home safe from rot, damp and leaks, but keep the look of your home presentable and smart. Albion Windows offer various roofline services to ensure your home is always protected from the harshest of elements.

  • Weather resistant uPVC to combat harsh weather
  • Affordable installation
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Resistant to warping, cracking or discolouring
  • Gives your property a clean appearance
  • Great value, with incredibly long lifespan

Fascia boards

The fascia part of your roof is the mounted point where your home’s roof meets the outer walls of the house, sometimes known as the roofline. Our uPVC fascia boards run along the edge of your roof, fixing directly to the roof’s trusses, ensuring that your guttering is secure all year round.

Choosing to replace your fascia boards could potentially protect your home’s roof substantially in the long run, being able to support your guttering in the event of a heavy rain downpour. They will withstand numerous gallons of water per second.

Soffit boards

Our uPVC soffit board successfully work in tandem with your home’s fascia and guttering set-up. Tucked away under the fascia board, the soffit can allow for ventilation so your roof area can successfully allow air to flow through it.

Without suitable ventilation in your roof, condensation is more likely to form in the void of your roof, eventually putting your home at risk of enduring timber decay. Much like our fascia boards, our soffits are extremely weather resistant to ensure that your roofline remains weather resistant well into the future.