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Is a glass conservatory roof really the best?

Stunning Solutions

Perfect for homeowners seeking to either reinvent or restore their property’s extended living space, a conservatory roof replacement is far more inexpensive than building a while new structure. Despite this, it maintains the same effect. One question we at Albion Windows get asked a lot, however, is which replacement roof solution is the best: Glass, Tiled or Warm? Thankfully we can give you the answer, actively offering all three.

The Best Conservatory Roof is Relative to Your Personal Ambitions

First thing’s first, we firmly believe that there is no ‘best’ conservatory roof option. There might be a choice that’s best for you. In fact, we hope there is. But the fact of the matter is that all three roof systems we install each have their own perks, all suiting the specific homeowners each with their own ambitions and preferences. Now’s the time to explore these perks, and who knows? It might be the case that a glass conservatory roof is the best for you!

Glass Roofs – Light-Enhancing and Natural

An illuminating conservatory roof option that helps provide extended living spaces with a light, airy, and natural feel, glass roofs can be installed in any thickness size between 24mm and 35mm. Tinted glass options can be integrated to always keep glare at an absolute minimum and a triple layer storm shield means that winds up to 130mph can be accounted for. The perfect choice for homeowners looking to shed more light on the situation.

  • Large influxes of natural sunlight entry for natural feel
  • Self-cleaning glass to break down dirt and stay crystal clear
  • Tinted glass option keeps glare to an absolute minimum
  • Thermally efficient system for lower heating bills

Tiled Roofs – Stylish and Insulating

Noticeably quick and hassle-free to install, tiled replacement roofs from Albion come engineered in Ultraroof 380. It’s an incredibly strong system that assures your conservatory can cope with any pressure that may come in the event of harsh weather. Aesthetically these tiled roofs help to give any extension a bold and stated look, simultaneously delivering unrivalled thermal performance to always keep homeowners comfortable.

  • Extremely lightweight to suit most existing conservatories
  • Fast installation. Water-tight fitting in as little as 6 hours
  • Fully insulated system with U-values as low as 0.16W/m2K
  • Slate colours including Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown, and Terra Brick

A Lighter and Brighter Home Doesn’t Have to Be World’s Away With Albion

A fully-insulated and soundproof system, Warm roofs might boast the traditional appearance of their tiled counterpart but implements a multi-layered construction that maintains balanced temperatures all year around. Warm roofs from Albion Windows completely reinvent the outside and inside appearance of any conservatory they are fitted to, with the space no longer struggling between being too hot or too cold.

  • Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shape, and Lean-To conservatory eligible
  • Low U-values of just 0.18W/m2K make for impressive heat retention
  • LABC and LABSS certified
  • Slate colours including Black, Grey, and Terracotta

Find your conservatory’s perfect fit with Albion Windows

Hopefully that’s helped clear up the differences between the big three roof replacement options, when your conservatory’s existing polycarbonate roof just isn’t cutting it anymore. To find out more, contact a member of our team either via phone on 0208 462 2201 or send us an online message.