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What is Energy Efficiency? Energy Efficiency Explained

The chances are that you’ve heard about the rising cost of energy. In these times of caps and increased bills, it has never been more important to be savvy with your energy usage.

The country is currently experiencing an energy crisis as a result of the rise in wholesale gas prices, but all is not lost.  We can all contribute to lowering the cost of our energy bills by using energy more wisely.

Using less energy to accomplish the same work or get the same result is the definition of energy efficiency. The best strategy to reduce our energy costs and protect the environment is to increase our own energy efficiency. Energy efficient buildings use less energy to create things, while energy efficient households require less energy to heat.

Energy efficiency, also known as thermal efficiency or thermal retentiveness in the home improvement industry, helps local communities, saves money, eases… More

Whole House Windows and Doors Installation for Purley Home

One Purley homeowner asked us to help upgrade their entire home with brand new uPVC windows and doors throughout, with a stunning blue composite front door to complete the new look!

Bay Windows for Style and Space


Wanting a little extra floor space in the home, this Purley customer opted for two matching bay windows flanking the front door on either side. This gave them a boost in floorspace in two rooms, and more room is never a bad thing!

Even better, thanks to the tri-angled design of these uPVC bay windows, significantly more natural light can get in, making spaces appear bigger and brighter.

They’ve also got some bonus style points for the gorgeous symmetry the front of their house now enjoys!

Highly Secure Composite Front Doors


This Purley homeowner chose to make their front door a statement piece with a navy, woodgrain finish and complementary… More

New Garden Facing Bifold Doors for Croydon Home

One Croydon homeowner was left very happy after our expert team revamped the back of his property with stunning new bifold doors and a much needed guttering upgrade.

Bifold Doors for Better Garden Access and Increased Space


Wanting to make best use of their garden, bifold doors were the natural choice for these customers, as they allowed them to open up one side of the room fully to the beautiful outdoors.

With low thresholds and a wider opening, the accessibility of the garden is optimized. When the bifold doors are fully opened, it allows the room and garden to blend seamlessly together, making both feel much bigger and airier.

Even closed, the bifold doors help this Croydon homeowner get more out of their garden, as the slim frames allow for large uninterrupted views out, and the thermally efficient double glazing helps keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature… More