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Wooden double glazed windows: the myths, debunked!

A far cry from the 19th century windows of old, today’s timber frames continue to be bettered and innovated upon by professionals, all to offer homeowners the best performance as well as function. That’s why we at Albion make no bones about what a delightful set of wooden double glazed windows can offer your property.

To prove it, we thought it best to debunk some of the silliest and most outlandish myths about them. You might find yourself surprised by what the facts show!

If chosen, will my wooden window frames rot over time?

One of the most common, but outright absurd urban myths about wooden windows is that they are excessively prone to rot, due to poor water resistance in the event of harsh rainfall. Today, this simply isn’t true. Wooden double glazed windows actually have a lifespan of around 60 years on average, rendering them… More

Looking to sell your home? Aluminium bifold doors could help you sell up faster!

First there were bifold doors, and then there were aluminium bifold doors. One of the industry’s most innovative and game-changing improvement products, bifolds possess the ability to seamlessly blur the line between inside and outside areas, quickly becoming a sought-after feature for most homeowners in the UK. Especially for those who have the intention of selling up soon, aluminium bifolds are a fruitful initial investment worth taking. Here’s why!

An appreciated home addition that helps increase property value

Simply put, adding a high-performance set of aluminium bifold doors to your home, means increasing said home’s overall resale value. This is partially due to how conveniently they can be operated, as well as the wide-open impression they give when fully open. The most important factor however – and this is where the aluminium factor comes in – is how much they can enhance property aesthetics with their sleek and… More

10 of the most popular Uber routes in London

It’s no secret that getting around London can sometimes prove a chore. If you’re not pressed up against the window of an all too stuffy red bus, it’s likely that your nose is at risk of being nipped by the train doors on the London Underground. That’s why when residents were first introduced to the ride-hailing services Uber provides, suddenly the idea of getting to where you wanted to be wasn’t only more convenient, but much easier too.

Uber has since been banned from operating in the London area, but that certainly won’t prevent tourists and residents from undertaking the same scenic trips that they used to regularly provide. We at Albion Windows have taken a swing at whittling down some of the reasoning behind 10 of the most popular Uber routes in London. Take a grain of salt when reading ahead, educated guesses are the name of the game.