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Striking colours for your composite doors

Composite doors are a top tier choice of entrance solution for lots of reasons. Highly insulating, multi-layered, and secure, thanks to a suite of attractive colour tones composite doors can deliver even more value to homeowners. Though not often thought of as such, we specialise in installing composite doors South London homeowners can use to make their home more personable and unique.

The best way to create a lasting impression

The last thing you see when leaving for work in the morning and the first thing you enter when arriving home, having your composite door coloured to an attractive style will always guarantee a memorable impression. What’s more, any guests or family members that visit won’t be able to miss the eye-grabbing tones when crossing the threshold.

Dual-colouring techniques allows the Albion Windows team to colour your new composite door differently inside and out, meaning that any contrasting… More

Have you got a damp house?

Whether you own your own home – or even if you don’t – damp is a ferocious pest that can lead to many long-term problems if not resolved. The tricky part in stamping out damp is that in some cases, it doesn’t always make itself known. Fortunately, we at Albion Windows can recognise the all-to-familiar symptoms, and in turn are happy to pass on some top tips to help residents better prevent damp and live comfortably.

Primarily a nasty side-effect of too much moisture, in this blog we’ll highlight just some of the ways you can identify whether you have damp in your home, how you go about treating this problem, as well as the harmful issues that can arise should you not. Have you got a damp house? Let’s find out once and for all.

Tell-tale signs that damp is a danger

Water on the… More

How to add value to you home with a porch

An often-overlooked aspect of the property aesthetic, those lucky enough to have a porch will know how much easier they make life without any hassle whatsoever. They’re typically associated with seaside cottages and coast-side homes, but really, the many benefits they bring can be enjoyed by almost any home, regardless of age or style. What’s the best way to add such value when opting to install a porch? We’re here to help!

Subtle extra space ideal for storage and security

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your home gains the most value possible when installing a porch, is to capitalise on the extra space it offers. Though only so much length can be achieved without needing to secure planning permission, providing you have the room, there’s no reason not to install a porch that’s as expansive as possible.

Because of their neat and clean design,… More