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Can our modern heritage windows match up to the originals?

There’s no denying that much of the appeal brought with original timber frames is their classically timeless look. One major drawback, however, was always the vast amounts of upkeep required to keep them stylish and authentic. Enter Albion Windows’ eclectic range of heritage windows, specifically designed to deliver modern performance benefits with the historical aesthetics of true timber. Do they much up to the originals though? Let’s find out:

Subtle authentic details that replicate 19th century timber

One of the most important elements to any authentic uPVC window system seeking to replicate the feel of real wood, is without question all the little slight details. From authentic butt hinges, integrated sash horns, to distinguishing astragal bar layouts, today it’s easy to tweak how authentic you wish your new wood-effect windows to be depending on what you choose to leave off and what to leave on the table.… More

Is a glass conservatory roof really the best?

Perfect for homeowners seeking to either reinvent or restore their property’s extended living space, a conservatory roof replacement is far more inexpensive than building a while new structure. Despite this, it maintains the same effect. One question we at Albion Windows get asked a lot, however, is which replacement roof solution is the best: Glass, Tiled or Warm? Thankfully we can give you the answer, actively offering all three.

The best conservatory roof is relative to your personal ambitions

First thing’s first, we firmly believe that there is no ‘best’ conservatory roof option. There might be a choice that’s best for you. In fact, we hope there is. But the fact of the matter is that all three roof systems we install each have their own perks, all suiting the specific homeowners each with their own ambitions and preferences. Now’s the time to explore these perks, and who knows?… More

How our Triple Glazing compares to Everest and other window installers.

Helping those who find it tough to get comfortable in their home reinstate a sense of peace and tranquillity, triple glazing acts as an easy-to-implement and effective solution. Triple glazed windows simply make saving energy and maintaining comfort a breeze, all due to the simple act of inserting an additional glazed pane. But how do those that we install compare to our competitors? Let’s find out.

Triple Glazing – When three panes are better than two!

Specifically intended to enhance heat retention and acoustic performance within any area they’re fitted, triple glazed windows from Albion can achieve window energy ratings (or “WER”) as high as A++ Rated. That’s one of the highest ratings possible. Such performance makes it easy to keep U-values low, as any precious heat that would otherwise be able to escape remains trapped within the spaces between panes.

Outside of thermal efficiency qualities,… More