Spring is the best time to install new windows- here’s why!

uPVC bow windows curved arrangement

Ah Spring! It’s a season that symbolises a new beginning, not just for the trees and creatures around us, but often ourselves too. At Albion Windows, we’re here to tell you that it’s also the best time to install new windows you’ve always promised to add to your home! Still don’t believe us? Read on to find out just why:

The sun is starting to appear – Get ready to make the most of it

Finally leaving are the icy roads and frosted grass that comes with the Winter season, instead being replaced by the greening of leaves and the blooming of flowers. On top of this, the sun also starts to make a regular appearance, providing homeowners with a prime opportunity to make the most of the additional light with highly efficient and stunningly attractive windows.

Whether you feel that the historical charm of a sliding sash window, effectiveness of a simple casement, or curved nature of a bay/bow window would be best suited for your home, any style we supply comes ‘A’ rated for efficiency while always letting the sun shine through. The end of March might mean we lose an hour sleep but it also means more light in the evening, new replacement windows let you experience this to the full degree.

Traditional hardwood windows painted white

Install new windows to enjoy a lovely cool breeze when you need it

Spring is ideal for those who don’t take joy from the blistering cold but also the sweltering heat too. It’s a season where days can present a cool breeze as well as glorious sunshine, and thankfully our windows allow you to enjoy both at your leisure. Effortless opening action and multi-chambered internal frames assure it’s never a chore to stay comfortable whatever the weather.

However you’d like to experience the Spring weather, our windows never have a problem delivering. Tilt & turn windows for example allow you to experience air and light without the need to sacrifice the safety of little ones, titling inwards towards the user as well as out in the conventional manner. Likewise, bifold windows stack neatly to one side, allowing you to make the most of space while also bringing you closer to the outside.

Beat the Summer rush for new windows with crystal clear glazing

It’s no secret that the Summer period is a busy one for any home improvement installer. During this time, conservatories are all the rage, patio doors in high demand, and of course new windows are wanted by many. Choosing to install new windows slightly earlier in the Spring means beating this rush, letting you enjoy their benefits earlier and without fear of not being able to arrange an installation date.

Treat yourself this Spring with replacement windows from Albion

Don’t do yourself a disservice by experiencing disappointment, stay ahead of the game and get your windows replaced for more thermally efficient and stylish alternatives soon ahead of the Summer rush. To find out more ways we can help you achieve your dream home, call a member of our team on 0500 344 028 or send us a message online today.

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