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South facing windows: Why house facing direction matters for your home improvements

uPVC bow windows curved arrangement

You’d be forgiven for not paying a whole lot of attention to the direction that both the front and back of your home looks out towards. Believe it or not however, such a factor can play a huge role in the overall appeal of your home, its resale value, but most importantly how much light will be able to hit it. Based on the movements of the sun, passive solar buildings typically have windows on the southern facing side of the property to better absorb the sun’s heat energy and more easily warm the space in the Winter. Interested in South-facing windows? Contact our team today or start an online quote.

Make the most of light and heat using the Sun’s seasonal cycles

The way this works is partly due to the sun’s orientation and cycle, partly due to the fact that in Britain, our island is located within the globe’s Northern hemisphere. In this section of the globe, windows should ideally face South in order to consistently face the Sun, allowing them to make the most of solar gain by letting natural light shine through while absorbing heat.

This practice varies in its effectiveness when taking into account the length of days in the year’s later two seasons, namely Winter and Autumn. In these colder months, the sun rises much lower than it normally would during the summer, meaning light and therefore warmth has a far easier time entering through your home’s south facing windows. This is particularly handy considering that when the sun rises high in the Summer, there’s generally no desire to heat the home anyway.

Practices that lets your home obtain maximum solar gain

Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the side of your building which sports windows needs to be facing the south in order to take maximum advantage of the sun’s potential energy. Admittedly this isn’t something most homeowners have control over with the property they currently reside in, but explains why properties that face this direction might be a little pricier.

A general practice the average homeowner can take however, is in their choice of glazing. Most glass fitted within the frame of a window tends to be vertical as standard, but there’s always the opportunity of opting instead for angled glass which when installed correctly does a better job at absorbing the sun light from the South, but does run the risk of overheating in the Summer. It’s easy to find out if your home is eligible, just ask during a survey.

A simple way of saving up to 60% energy on lighting and heating energy

In the same way that both uPVC and aluminium windows can lessen your reliance on artificial heating and lighting practices through the use of multi-chambered internal frames which better trap heat, south facing windows have more exposure to the sun and therefore make for a warmer home. It’s been estimated that there’s even the potential for some homes to save up to 60%, but this will vary on a homeowner by homeowner basis.

A lighter and brighter home doesn’t have to be worlds away with Albion

If you’d like help to better take advantage of your home’s south facing windows or are seeking to find other ways of making your home much more energy efficient and insulating, our selection of windows, doors, and conservatories can help. For more information, call a friendly member of our team today on 02086550066 or send us an online message.

Or start an online quote. Just enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimate, with no obligation to book.

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