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The top 7 reasons to choose French doors

A tried and tested choice of entrance option that always remains consistent, stylish, and practical, French doors from Albion Windows are the complete package. Their history can be traced as far back as 17th century Europe, during a time wherein both the arts and architecture began to flourish. The original design was more reminiscent of a window than a door, but today, there are many reasons French doors make the most sense. Here are 7 of them:

1. An inherently classic entrance style

There’s no denying that one of the most lucrative benefits to any French door set, is the inherently elegant aesthetic they’re able to deliver. Largely due to their association with many period homes in Britain. If you’d like to add an element of sophistication but also practicality to your home, we’re happy to offer French doors Croydon homeowners can rely on.

2. The illusion of additional space

Though you might not initially think it, French doors are quite deceiving in the sense that they offer your home the illusion of extra space. Because most French doors maximise the glass surface area and use minimal sight lines, they offer a wide view of the rest of your home or even the outside in some cases.

3. Doubles up as dividers for extra privacy

The beauty of opting for French doors is that their double-door opening action can be utilised in multiple ways. One of the most advantageous for people who highly prioritise their privacy is each panel’s ability to be used as a divider, being a subtle way of defining space and laying down boundaries whenever you host a social gathering.


4. Suitable for both front and back entrances

Though most commonly preferred for use as a rear entrance/patio door, modern French doors can be fitted anywhere in the home. Thanks to their ability to accept a range of various panel configurations and sizes, the outside of your home will always be on full display if fitted towards the back. But likewise, id used in tandem with a porch towards the front of the home, French doors are a stylish centrepiece.

5. Save money on heating bills

If you’re finding that you struggle to remain comfortable in your living space, suffering from frequent heat leaks, rattles, and draughts, swapping out your current doors for some high-performance French doors might be an ideal solution. The uPVC profiles come multi-chambered to better prevent heat from escaping, lowering energy bills, and better insulating the home as a result.

6. Fully customisable to suit most styles of home

Regardless of the aperture you need to fill, colour you’d like to make use of, or opening configuration you’d prefer, French doors are wildly customisable to ensure a perfect fit. Whether you’d like to capitalize on the style’s inherent historical roots in the form of attractive woodgrain foils or opt for an aesthetic that’s wildly unique and distinct, all preferences can be accommodated.

7. Reduced maintenance

Water resistant, flexible, and easily cleanable, French doors engineered in uPVC require hardly any looking-after. Particularly ideal for homeowners who prefer a “set and forget” mentality or those with a busy modern lifestyle, if you’d like a low maintenance solution, French doors expertly suit.

French doors to make you say, “Ooh La La!”

So if you’re looking for the best way to make that appropriate French connection with your home, looking towards the past in order to go forward might not be too bad an idea. For more information, call the Albion Windows team today on 0208 462 2201 or send us an online message today.

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