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Window Styles: How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Property

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If variety is the spice of life, consider the several window styles a piping hot vindaloo! Yes, there’s nothing more soothing than to relax within the comfort of your home, kicking back with a glass of wine and a glorious outside view, but at Albion Windows, we’re all too familiar with trials and tribulations homeowners regularly come up against when choosing what windows best meet their specific needs.

If you are looking to swap out your current windows or are looking for an inventive yet subtle way to re-invent your home’s style and atmosphere – don’t forget to consider the following aspects before settling on what style of window is right for your property!

Windows that compliment your home’s existing architectural style, inside and out!

At Albion Windows, we understand that much like our own characteristics, houses and properties project a personality all of their own. Depending on both the age and style of your home, it’d be silly not to opt for windows that reflect its established architectural style, being an easy way to enhance the property’s natural features whilst adding a sense of freshness all at the same time.

Whether you have a modern and contemporary home that features floor to ceiling glass windows and doors or you have a traditional Victorian style home with classical diamond-shaped mullions, take inspiration from your home’s already successful architectural style for an easy starting off point.

Depending on the colour and design of your home’s architecture, you may want to incorporate inventive flourishes such as uncommon shaping, comprehensive woodgrain foils and complemental accent colours. Look to your local home improvement centre or DIY store for existing colour palettes that can save you the time and stress of choosing.

Ensure that your windows create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere


While the primary function of any window is to let in light, they can also have a significant effect on how much you are able to take in and enjoy your home, creating a warm and relaxing environment thanks to great heat retention qualities and energy efficiency.

Before deciding which window style best suit your home, ensure that they will be installed weathertight with a multi-chambered frame. As well as saving energy this means that the warmth within your property will be dramatically increased, particularly helpful if your home currently suffers from cold spots or draughts.

The truth is, it’s hard to go far wrong with most modern window styles constructed from any material be it uPVC, timber or aluminium. But as well as being draughty, it’s not uncommon for rooms to sometimes feel stuffy and crowded, despite not being full of people. Your new chosen windows can help alleviate this kind of issue. Ensure that your new replacement windows are operable instead of fixed, capable to be opened or closed as needed for variable levels of ventilation.

Windows operate in multiple ways – Which function best suits your needs?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home that has its roots firmly set in history, it’s highly likely that its utilising the classic sash window style – allowing you to move the window’s sash either up and down or left and right. Popular in the past for their effortless and easy operation, there are many other window styles that equally offer inventive modes of operation unique to all applications.

Double hung windows move up and down, horizontal sliders move horizontally (quite surprisingly!) whilst tilt & turn windows also do exactly what they say on the tin. The way in which your windows operate is a small yet essential element of any new replacement window, providing great ease of use for homeowners to let in the natural breeze without any degree of hassle.

It’s even possible to re-arrange and place your window’s hardware and handles in such a way that is ideal for those who are either handicapped and unable to reach or for those with small children and are considered with their young one’s safety. Consult your installer about your window’s operation to discover which style is correct for your property.

Albion’s eclectic window range has something for every home

Whether you think about it or not, your windows are one of the best ways to capitalise on your home’s successful aesthetic and visual style and as such it’s important to keep in mind these various factors when thinking about which style may be the right choice! If you are considering changing out your current windows or are designing your next home, Albion Windows are sure to have an option suitable for you, with windows ranging from traditional casements to unique bifolds.

Specialists when it comes to window replacements, at Albion we have over 35 years’ experience improving homes all over London and its surrounding areas. For more information on any of our products and services, call us on 0500 344 028 or get in touch online today.

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