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5 tips for ergonomic living – making your home work for you

As homeowners, we can often unknowingly be guilty of making things unnecessarily harder for ourselves. From using the wrong brand of washing up liquid, preparing dinner extremely last minute, to using windows and doors that perhaps aren’t letting us make the most of our home space. In today’s modern and busy climate, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy that’s known as “ergonomic living”.

What does ergonomic mean?

In layman’s terms, “ergonomic” simply means designing something in such a way that it specifically meets your needs. This can be done to improve productivity within a working environment, boost morale within an educational institution, but today we’re using it as a way to increase comfort and ease of use in a home space. Though you might not think it at first, a property’s windows and doors can contribute towards this greatly, in a few subtle yet important ways:

Mock timber windows with traditional handles

1. Get a handle on things with the correct hardware

Taking the ergonomic conceit quite literally for this one, your choice of door handle is often an overlooked aspect for homeowners typically replacing their entrance solution. They are in fact a hardware element capable of giving any door a stylistic overhaul, one which also can give homeowners either a harder or easier time of entering whenever they transition back into the home.

Every door supplied by the team here at Albion comes with a choice of handle styles that range from simple knobs to arched level styles. However you prefer to get a handle on things when entering your property, they’re an element worth thinking about for those who wish to successfully begin their journey into ergonomic living.

2. Lift the lid to add style and maintain comfort

Frequently find yourself suffering from pesky draughts and unwanted cold spots? Heat by its very nature rises, and therefore a poorly insulated roof could be delivering more discomfort than you bargained for. A simple roof replacement can help resolve these problematic instances, providing an unprecedented level of year-round comfort that you never thought possible.

At Albion specifically, we offer a choice of four distinct replacement roof styles in LivinRoof, RealRoof, Supalite Roof, and Celsius Roof, each one sporting their own advantages. Tiled or glazed, uPVC or aluminium, once installed you’ll be able to enjoy better energy efficiency 365 days a year rather than just the Spring or Summer.

3. In or out? Make home transitions easy

Ergonomic living is all about making your home work for you, and an effortless way of doing this, is by taking control of how your entrance doors are configured. With any of our available styles, we can install them to either open inwards or outwards, letting you make the most of your property’s interior space so as to never disrupt the atmosphere or mood.

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to have your doors open inwards when transitioning back into the home after a hard day’s work. We can install them to open alternatively, without ever compromising the home’s safety or security.

4. Keep perspective with slim sightlines

We can’t imagine anything worse than spending a lot of time tending to a garden, only to have our view of it unnecessarily obstructed. That’s way the most ergonomic workaround to an issue such as this are to make use of windows that are as slim as possible, facilitating wide open views to help blur the line between inside and outside living spaces.

A nice side-effect to this is that slimmer sightlines mean greater natural light entry, letting you save on bills by not needing to brighten your home artificially.

5 tips for ergonomic living - making your home work for you

5. Top or bottom? Stable doors offer high flexibility

If we were to name what we would consider to be the most versatile home improvement solution, stable doors tick all the boxes. An ingenious design that’s made up of two slabs split in the middle as opposed to the traditional one, they allow homes to enjoy the maximum amount of ventilation without the need of opening the entirety of the door.

We consider it the best way to maintain a strong sense of privacy (as well as safety when small kids are around), giving you the freedom to decide when and how you open up your home to the elements.

Turn your house into a home with Albion Windows

Whether by simply considering what style of handle you’d prefer to use on your doors when moving from room to room to improving the overall comfort of the home, we truly believe that everyone has the ability to enjoy a better sense of ergonomic living. All that’s needed is a few subtle tweaks, perfectly suited to making life a little easier.

For more information on any of our products and services, contact a member of our team on 0208 629 1611 or send us an online message today.

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