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A Buyer’s Guide to French Doors


A popular favourite for the typical British homeowner, French doors are an inherently classic yet dependable patio door style that shouldn’t be overlooked due to their simplicity. There’s a reason French doors continue to spoil many homes up and down the country, but what exactly is it that makes them so prevalent?

We at Albion Windows have opted to explore this, putting together a definitive guide to French doors for anyone thinking about upgrading their home’s rear entrance.

What can French doors offer the home?

French doors

Still acting as the only patio door style that boasts a unique split panel design that allows homeowners to enjoy double-door opening action, French doors offer a lot of advantages. Such opening versatility, for instance, allows for an extra degree of privacy with the two panels capable of being used as dividers. Natural light will still be able to flow through thanks to the vast amount of glazing incorporated, resulting in the best of both worlds.

They can also be fitted with exceedingly low thresholds so as to make transitions in and out as effortless as possible, even being suitable for wheelchair users. Depending on preference, French doors are configurable to open in or outwards, never disrupting the home’s atmosphere or sense of space, further blurring the line between property and garden. Simply put, French doors offer the home dependability, ease of use, and flexibility.

What materials are they available in?

Though classical and elegant in style by their very nature, there are a few subtle tweaks you make to your new set of French Doors, helping them to meet your needs more effectively. We at Albion always find ourselves asked as to what material should homeowners choose for example, but the answer is by no means definitive. uPVC is ideal for those working on a budget and want to enjoy a “set and forget” mentality, while aluminium lets each panel utilise much slimmer sightlines for wider views. In either material, French Doors will never fail to make you exclaim “ooh la la”.

Will they suit my property?

French Doors

Don’t be fooled by their 17th century origins, French Doors are frequently used within properties new and old, sometimes acting as a blank canvas in which homeowners can apply their own personal touch. One of the way’s this is possible is thanks to the various colours available. From the subtle charm of Chartwell Green to the authentic warmth of Vintage Rosewood, with French Doors your creativity is never limited to just a simple White.

This template for creativity also extends to not solely each panel’s surrounding frame, but the glazing within it too. Unique astragal bar patterns can be laid out specifically to your liking, further helping those lucky enough to reside in a traditional property to evoke a sense of history. A 6 over 6 panel design for instance will be reminiscent of the Georgian era, while 2 over 2 leans more towards Victorian. French Doors more so than other patio styles are notable for their use of astragal bars.

Will they keep me warm in Winter?

Even though French Doors do a very good job at letting the light shine in, they also excel when it comes to keeping the cold out, thanks to an effective multi-chambered internal design which better traps heat. Energy efficiency levels will be largely dependent on your choice of material, but those installed by us regularly achieve U-values as low as 1.3 W/m²K. This helps to ensure homes will not only be kept warm in Winter and cool in Summer too.

Get closer to the outside with French doors from Albion

Whether you’re swapping your home’s current set of French Doors for high-performing replacements or diving into the design for the first time, as entryways go, they offer a stylish and practical solution. For more information, call or team on 0208 629 1611 or contact us online today.

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