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Double vs triple glazing – when do you need the extra pane?

Double vs triple glazing

A contentious point of discussion for many years within the home improvement world, the need for three panes instead of two (triple glazing) within a property’s windows can hold many advantages. But it’s always worth considering whether said benefits are applicable to your home and personal preferences. To help homeowners decide once and for all if the extra pane makes sense, we’ve highlighted just a few instances where triple glazing will make a big impact over double.

Peace: Stamping out noise pollution within busy built up areas

At Albion, we’re used to hearing the plights of many London-based homeowners seeking to prevent the annoyance of city noise invading their personal living space. Unrefutably, this is an area where triple glazing improves leaps and bounds over traditional double glazed windows, largely due to the increased number of layers that sound is required to travel through to continue being a nuisance.

Even if the heavy noise of outside traffic does get through, triple glazing will render it much quieter and less noticeable than prior to having your windows upgraded. Everyone deserves to enjoy a sense of peace and tranquillity upon waking up or return home from work on an evening, so if you reside along a busy road or within a built-up city area, an extra pane is well worth considering.

Warmth: Reducing heat loss in even the coldest of climates

The most controversial area which continues to plague the triple/double glazing debate, an independent study conducted by Homebuilding’s Mark Binkley concluded that while three panes have no discernible impact on heating bills, they can drastically reduce U values. The primary method used to assess the energy performance of a window; the lower the U value, the less energy your property is using.

At present, British Building Regulation statutes stipulate that any window installed in 2017 should have a U value no lower than 1.6 W/M²K, a feat that’s always achievable with triple glazing, and most times with double glazing. Triple glazing can halve the necessary U value requirement to 0.8 W/M²K, a tempting prospect for homeowners wishing to treat home insulation with the upmost seriousness.

Security: An extra layer of defence against unwanted visitors

It’d be fair to say that UK residents are lucky enough to live in a golden age of home security and protection. What with the continuing advances of technology in our everyday lives, products such as keyless locks, remote cameras, and pet monitors, assure that our furry friends and family are safe. A less technical but just as effective way of boosting this more so, is an additional window pane.

In the unlikely event that an intruder does attempt to break into your property, a third sheet of glass acts as an extra defensive layer, giving any who try a far tougher time at gaining entry. Most modern glazing comes weathertight and reinforced as standard, with triple glazing taking this sentiment that one step further.

Triple glazing: An extra pane to prevent extra pain in the long run

These are just some of the ways triple glazing can help improve your home life, should you wish to enhance either Warmth, Security, or Peace. For more information on why three panes might make more sense than one or two, feel free to call us on 0500 344 028 or contact us online.

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