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Is Triple Glazing a must-have for London homes?

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Based in Croydon, it’s easy for the Albion team to sympathise with many of the faithful London-based homeowners who find it consistently tiresome, attempting to live comfortably and stamp out noise. Today, triple glazing is often attributed as being the ideal solution when wanting to reduce rising energy bills and improve warmth, but deflecting noise pollution is yet another key advantage that should not be overlooked.


Forever eradicating sound pollution in built-up areas

Living in this beautiful island’s capital city means being able to indulge and enjoy so many thrills and sights. What isn’t so enjoyable however, are the vast levels of congestion in built-up areas, which can often lead to unwanted noise annoyances in the form of planes, trains, and automobiles. Hustle and bustle comes with the territory of residing in such a thriving city, but this doesn’t mean that unwanted sound should. Enter the advent of triple glazing.

The simple act of adding an extra pane of glass into a property’s windows improves the thermal efficiency, reduces heating costs, but most importantly in this scenario, reduces the decibel level able to penetrate the living space. Noise pollution arises when too many vibrations in the air travels through a window’s glass, but adding in more layers means reducing this amount, in effect weakening the strength of the sound wave. Decibels are lowered, and peace is restored.

Creating a relaxing and tranquil home space

Once installed, triple glazed windows have an instantaneous effect in terms of insulation. While the act of recouping your investment by way of reduced energy bills might be long term, you’ll be able to enjoy a more tranquil living space within seconds of installation being completed. Especially for homeowners situated underneath one of Heathrow airport’s many flight paths, the difference will be remarkable!

For those worried about three panes increasing the weight required to bear by their home’s existing windows, fear not. We at Albion regularly offer homeowners interested in reducing their London property’s sound pollution the ability to make use of aluminium frames. They’re inherently strong by their very nature, easily withstanding three panes over two and offering generous outside views as a nice side-effect.

Statistically proven to improve health and lower stress levels

Lean- to conservatory

In a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2015, 8.2m of the city’s residents across each one of London’s 32 boroughs were surveyed. Though the final results didn’t imply a causal link, it was revealed that deaths were 4% more likely to occur in adults that were regularly exposed to daytime traffic noise levels of 60dB and above.

It was suggested that illnesses such as blood vessel disease could be brought on by sleep deprivation, elevated blood pressure, and general stress caused by the outside city noise. While an unfortunate outcome in the extremist sense, triple glazing can help certain members of London’s population avoid risky instances brought on by noise pollution such as this. A healthier lifestyle is guaranteed!

High quality triple glazing practices from Albion Windows

So all in all is triple glazing a must-have for London homes? We think so! As the city continues to grow and experience an increasing influx of residents and frequent commuters, stamping out the extra noise by way of an extra inserted window pane can be highly beneficial. For more information about soundproofing the home, feel free to call our team today on 0208 462 2201 or send us an online message.

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