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First double, then triple glazing – what’s next?

triple glazing

The British people are consistently on a mission to understandably stamp out unwanted noise for good. Having your property’s windows double glazed was the best solution for the longest time, then came triple glazing – a proven method of making soundproofing much more effective. Well we at Albion Windows have taken the liberty to investigate where – if anywhere – this practice is likely to go next.

What’s the difference between double and triple glazing?

For those unaware, double glazing is the simple practice of inserting two sheets of glass in the frame of your windows as opposed to the traditional one. Despite common misconception, this has quickly become standard practice as Building Regulations stipulate that UK homes need a minimum Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘C’ or above. With double glazing this is almost guaranteed every time regardless of window style, material, and size.

Triple glazing takes this concept and runs with it, predictably adding in an extra third pane of glass that can actually be wildly advantageous for those residing in busy areas. You see, while the effects of triple glazing in terms of heat retention could be fairly limited, the improved soundproofing that comes with the additional pane renders every home with it installed peaceful. Decibel levels will be successfully lowered, and the hustle and bustle of the traffic quietened.

Does quadruple glazing make sense?

Believe it or not, quadruple glazing (four panes of glazing in the frame) is a viable option in certain areas of the world. Where the Winter climate is far harsher and slightly longer than ours for instance, a fourth pane helps to keep out the incredibly low temperatures outside, fending off the most dangerous of elements. This is common place in, say Scandinavia, while only slowly making its way into the most northerly of Scottish homes. Most properties will be perfectly fine with triple glazing, offering peak thermal and sound insulation.

Are there any other forms of glazing up and coming?

Other than simply adding more and more layers of glazing into the frame, there are a few other solutions that certain homeowners are finding useful in some cases. Secondary glazing is one such solution referring to the act of adding a slim panel to an existing one. This is particularly handy for homeowners who aren’t graced with thick walls, but the effects are largely the same as double glazing – better comfort, improved insulation, and noise pollution reduction.

Terrific triple glazing from the Albion Windows team

If you know deep down that your home isn’t as comfortable as it possibly could be, either due to noise or low temperatures, three window panes are an addition you shouldn’t glaze over. For more information call us on 0208 462 2201 or send us an online message for a free quote.

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