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Soundproofing and noise reduction in cities – Tips for Londoners

New build property with double glazed windows

Every London homeowner will no doubt be familiar with the high levels of hustle and bustle that comes with living in the UK’s capital city. There’s always shows to see, gigs to go to, and football matches to attend, but when the day finally comes to an end and all you want to do is put your feet up, the last thing you need is a noise-polluted living space.

Luckily, the Albion Windows team have a couple of suggestions to help better soundproof the home


Three panes are better than two

The easiest manner to reduce noise pollution is to opt for three layers of glazing within your window’s frames, as opposed to the traditional one or two. While triple glazing’s ability to provide better energy efficiency levels over double is still up for debate, the implementation of three glass panels has been proven to absorb sound vibrations a lot better, filtering out any unwanted noise that would otherwise invade the home.

Once installed, most of this filtering and absorption occurs not within the glass panes themselves, but rather the gaps in between. We at Albion install triple glazed windows with inert Argon gas in these spaces, so the insulation effects are twice as effective. Finally, triple glazing is ideal for soundproofing due to how little impact it has on your window’s aesthetic. They’ll continue to look good and decibel levels will be successfully lowered!

Sound-blocking door styles

Sound-blocking door styles that absorb noise vibrations

Much in the same way that triple glazing is better able to filter out unwanted sound, the thicker the door slab, the less likely noise pollution will occur through the front of the home. For this reason, it might be worth considering a timber or composite door over a light uPVC entrance. Simply put, hollow core construction is very ineffective at blocking vibrations, so it might be best to avoid units made in this way.

In addition to the doors themselves, one handy technique is weather-stripping all interior doors, as most of the sound that penetrates occurs around the door. Weather-stripping provides a seal that makes this incredibly less likely, and all it takes is some cost-effective foam tape from your local DIY store. When combined with Albion’s airtight installations, a peaceful front of the home is just a couple of steps away.

Bringing peace and tranquillity to homes in built-up areas

Imploring either or both these techniques is sure to render properties situated in busy urban sects of London much more soundproof. Other ingenious workarounds unrelated to strict home improvement includes lifting any sound systems on the ground off of it, adding noise-reducing curtains, and fixing annoying wooden floor squeaks.

Albion Windows: Rendering homes as comforting as possible

Soundproofing is just one way we at Albion consistently help South London residents improve their property, making it a place you can be proud to return home to every evening. If you’d like to learn more, contact the team today via online message or call us on 0208 462 2201

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