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Is my home secure? A security guide for Londoners

Feeling safe within the sanctity of your own property is every homeowner’s right. Sadly, there are some individuals out in the world that would like to see this compromised. Thankfully, Albion Windows can help you combat against them, supplying and installing home improvement solutions that not only improve style and performance, but actively enhance security too. But where how should you approach this?

Well, to help get you started, we’ve put together some top tips about how to best make your home the most secure it possibly can be.

Is my home secure? A security guide for Londoners

Reinforce your windows, replace them if necessary

It’s might be an obvious one to mention, but when you consider that 3 out of 10 break-ins occur through an open door or window, it’s worth reassessing how secure yours actually are. The good news is that there’s plenty you can do. The most obvious being to replace your frames’ standard glass for a reinforced alternative like toughened or laminated glazing. In certain circumstances, it works out cheap to just replace the full window!

Other top tips that don’t involve replacing anything, if you already feel like your window is up to the task, includes key-operated reinforced locking, double glazing, and simply remembering to close them when not in use. As a general rule, windows should be in line with the British Standard 7950 or PAS 24 security standards.

Ensure your entrance is Secured by Design approved

Similar to windows, doors are a constant penetration point for unwanted guests. Composite doors are often considered one of the safest entrance options, not least due to their multi-layered construction and solid central timber core. Where possible, triple glazing should also be integrated to maintain the overall security level. Equipped with reinforced locks and firmly fitted in an outer frame, composite doors are the best entrance defence possible.

Is my home secure? A security guide for Londoners

So what if you currently make use of a uPVC door? The first thing we recommend is to ensure that their doors are at least 4.4 cm thick and hung with 10 cm hinges. These are the figures outlined by independent adjudicator Which? when assessing what’s required for effective entrance security but the main certification homeowners should strive to achieve is Secured by Design. SBD is a police-backed security initiative that tests the effectiveness of doors and such. Look for the logo where possible.

Consult your home insurance company

One instance where most residents will directly interact with home security head-on is when applying for home insurance. It’s here where you’ll home will be assessed in terms of how secure it is, going on to inform the terms of your insurance plan. Most insurers will insist on a minimum level of security – typically BS3621.

Stay safe and protected with solutions from Albion

We hope to have inspired you with enough advice to start burglar-proofing your property. Chances are, all aspects of your home can have its security improved even just slightly, whether that’s your windows, doors, or something else entirely. To learn more, contact Albion Windows today.

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